4. Re-pasting - each click on the re-paste button near the upload section returns the pasting one value back.​​


System requirements: Windows Vista or later + .Net 4.5 Framework

1. Browser - navigate to the target web page with the form to paste to.The default web page is the Data Catapult example form. 

2. Data upload - Excel files only.The application arranges the data as a list,including the first row.The column headers,that aren't intended to be copied,should be removed  before the upload.


    3.1 Wait - waiting interval in seconds between the values ,the pasting speed.The default interval is 3 seconds.

​    3.2 Press key ​- after each copied value, a TAB or ENTER click can be dispatched  to advance  the cursor to  the next form field or submit the form.The default setting is No - no key is pressed between the pastes.

   * TAB, ENTER and a few additional keys will be also auto clicked if included in the Excel data.The corresponding action will be executed for the following  key names : {ENTER} , {TAB} , {SPACE} , {PAGEUP} , {PAGEDOWN} , {UP} , {DOWN} , {HOME} , {END}. 


    3.3 Other applications -enabling pasting within Data Catapult window only or to any active application.When restricted ,the pasting stops when the Data Catapult  window is minimized .If not restricted, the pasting will continue after  the Data Catapult window is minimized enabling working with other programs.The default option is Paste only within Data Catapult.